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Jonathan is a sculptor based in Spicewood, TX.  Although his work is varied in both subject matter and medium, he has a tendency to construct large abstract pieces combining various metal, wood, concrete and found objects.  The sculptures Jonathan creates reflect a marriage of his emotions and experiences, through process and materials.  The convergence of physical and mental adventure, intuitive discovery, and continual experimentation are the necessary infrastructures that enable his unique art to be realized.  Intrigued by nature and man's incessant imprint on the environment, sculpture allows him to bridge the gap between the two by integrating found objects with rudimentary building materials.  With a long background in various construction, fabrication and welding processes, Jonathan most credits his many years volunteer instructing at SDSU’s Sculpture Department and maintaining the discipline to complete 3 extra courses of Advanced Sculpture, as his life’s most pivotal learning experience.  Jonathan’s meticulous dedication to detail and craftsmanship, his knowledge and experience with multi mediums and his unique skillset to problem solve, drives his creativity and passion for the arts.  He is able to take on the design and sculpting of private commissions, as well as public art.  Jonathan is a member of The International Sculpture Center, Texas Sculpture Group, Texas Society of Sculptors and a member of the Bee Caves Arts Commission.  Please phone or email to discuss his work or for more information about sculpting commissions.  Prices are generally based on the medium of the work, length of the project, and size.  He will gladly give you an estimate once you have sat down and discussed the work.  Please phone or email to discuss his work or for more information about sculpting commissions. 


Space can be considered as "necessity for sculpture,” it is where we create and bridge both objects and emotions ...a setting to echo the experiences and ever-changing relationships that transpire between process and materials.  Jonathan's artworks are an introspective collaboration between the two.  Often his sculptures converge his proclivity for intuitive discovery with the very objects or materials that he finds at random and repurposes; merely extending and altering their initial discovered state to that of another, usually with an infrastructure stemming from his fascination with ferrous metals.  He also appreciates the freedoms his building processes allow, that not only help strengthen the creative harmonies in his work, but gives him opportunities to resolve more challenging situations through what he regards as 'mental sketching.’  Through Jonathan's disciplined artistic direction towards impulse, spontaneity, and a profound hunger for explorative challenge, sculpture is his release in three dimension.


“Illegal Clothing ASR Tradeshow after party”,  January 2006
-9 selected sculptures
San Diego, CA 



 “SDSU Student Award Exhibition”  -February 2005
‘Avoiding Temptation’  -steel, fabric, netting, lawn blade, found object
San Diego, CA

Bunde Ekyn Mindaphone”  -May 2006
-SDSU advanced sculpture class exhibition-
‘Spine’  -steel, paint
San Diego, CA

Advanced Sculpture Graduation Exhibition”  -January 2007 
-Sculptor Chris Warr's birthday show-
‘Breakdown’  -steel, resin, railroad spikes, worm / termite devoured wood, vinyl
‘Specimen’  -steel, animal spine, resin, vinyl sheeting, hand-woven afghan, paint
San Diego, CA

Buzzworms in the Backyard”  -January 2009
-Fort Worth Community Arts Gallery-
‘System’  -steel, concrete, tar, found object
Fort Worth, TX

Oak Cliff Art Crawl”  -April 2009
-Rorschach Gallery- 
‘System’  -steel, concrete, tar, found object
‘Spine’  -steel, paint
‘Dominion’  -steel, granite, patina
Dallas, TX

Dimensions:  Constructed Exploration & the Painted Print”  -February 2012 
- Sculptures by Jonathan Sanders and 2-D works by David Lujan
-Gallery Black Lagoon-
‘Aftermath’  -concrete, steel, wood
‘Dominion’  -steel, granite, patina
‘Dissolve’  -steel, wood
‘Trespass’  -glass, fabric, concrete, steel, wood, found object
‘System’  -steel, concrete, tar, found object
‘Specimen’  -steel, animal spine, resin, vinyl sheeting, mom’s hand-woven afghan, paint
‘Breakdown’  -steel, resin, railroad spikes, worm/ termite devoured wood, vinyl
‘Spine’  -steel, paint
‘Avoiding Temptation’  -steel, fabric, netting, lawn blade, found object
‘Core’  -steel, concrete, found object, lacquer
‘Echo’  -plywood, steel, acrylic, stain 
‘Remnant’  -steel, fabric, twine, found objects, flower petals
Austin, TX

Sram pART Project”  -November 29, 2012
Bike part art auction charity event -84 artists
-Cedar Lake Theater-
100% of proceeds to assist World Bicycle Relief
‘Single Track’  -Sram bike parts, steel, concrete, found object, tire, acrylic rod, twine, drawer knobs, plant vines 
New York City, NY

State Capitol Show: “Under the Rotunda”  -June 2013 
- Texas State Capitol-
Texas Sculpture Group (TSG):  selected group exhibition
‘Dissolve’  -steel, wood
Austin, TX 

In-Depth”  -September 2013
- Art Car Museum-
TSG:  all members show 
‘Core’  -steel, concrete, found object, lacquer
Houston, TX

In Space”  -March 2014
-Dougherty Art Center-
TSG:  all member show
‘Trespass’  -glass, fabric, concrete, steel, wood, found object
Austin, TX

A Panoramic View”  -August 2014
-Lawndale Art Center-
TSG:  selected group exhibition.  Curated by James Surls
‘Explore’  -steel, found object, rope, powder coat
Houston, TX

Silent Auction Fundraiser”  -February 2015
TSG:  all member Show
‘Origin’  -steel, powder coat
San Antonio, TX

Georgetown Public Library 9th Annual Sculpture Show”  -June 2016
-Georgetown Public Library-
Texas Society of Sculptors (TSOS):  selected group exhibition
‘System’  -steel, concrete, tar, found object
‘Explore’  -steel, found object, rope, powder coat
‘Dominion’  -steel, granite, patina
Georgetown, TX

City of Georgetown Sculpture Tour”  -November 2016 – November 2017
-Main Street art install-
‘Source’  -steel, found object, powder coat
Georgetown, TX

Georgetown Public Library 10th Annual Sculpture Show”  -June 2017
-Georgetown Public Library-
TSOS:  selected group exhibition
‘Core’  -steel, concrete, found object, lacquer
‘Dissolve’  -steel, wood
Georgetown, TX

Bee Cave Sculpture Park  -May 2019 – present day
Sculpture garden install
‘Source’  - steel, found object, powder coat
Bee Cave, TX

Exhibition:  Plein Air Austin and Texas Sculptors”  -November 2019
-HIVE:  Bee Caves Art Foundation:  selected group exhibition
‘Core’  - steel, concrete, found object, lacquer
‘Aftermath’  - concrete, steel, wood
‘Dissolve’  - steel, wood
‘Dominion’  -steel, granite, patina 
‘Spine’  - steel, paint 
Bee Caves, TX


Aaron Witherell,  San Diego, CA.  August 2005
‘Exit Wound’  -steel, twine, paint
‘Berotic’  -steel, aluminum, fabric, leather

David & Jean Sanders,  Hemet, CA.  March 2006
‘Tangled’  -steel, wood, stain, paint

Illegal Clothing,  San Diego, CA.  December 2006
‘Logo Skull’  -steel, aluminum, wood, stain, paint


Carey Pastor,  San Diego, CA.  January 2007
‘Deviate’  -steel, wood, stain

 Jilynn Davis,  Fort Worth, TX.  March 2008
‘Diolade’  -steel

Alan Tucker Davis,  Fort Worth.  September 2009
‘Dominion’  -steel, granite, patina

Alana Marsh,  Maryville, TN.  February 2010
‘Fragment’  -glass, concrete, rope, steel, wood, found object

Ryan & Sean Bellomy,  Dallas, TX.  April, 2010
‘Epicenter’  -steel, paint




“SDSU Student Award Exhibition”  -February 2005
-John Roger's Award
‘Avoiding Temptation’  -steel, fabric, netting, found object
San Diego, CA

“Georgetown Public Library 9th Annual Sculpture Show”  -June 2016
-Honorable Mention Award:  Mixed Media-
‘System’  - steel, concrete, tar, found object
Georgetown, TX
American Art Collector, 2010
-Alcove books. ' Featured Artist '

International Contemporary Artists, Vol II, 2011
-ICA Publishing. ' Featured Artist '


 "(Sanders) has an inate ability to turn ordinary and relativley unusable objects and materials into distinct and interesting sculpture. The garden sculpture created for myself  is always a topic of conversation and continues to be a favorite of my collection"  

Jilynn Davis -  Fort Worth, TX

"From start to finish, Jon was great to work with. In our first meeting, he brought some initial designs of pieces he was interested in working on to our place, and we picked one that we thought would best fit our living room.  From this initial design, he modified it to satisfy what we were looking for in a piece of artwork. He constantly gave us updates about how the sculpture was coming along. It was fun also for him to bring over parts of the piece and pick out colors with him.  The end product was something that I felt like was extremely customized and personal, and something that we helped design.  We have really enjoyed having the piece in our home, and have had nothing but positive remarks from people who've seen the piece in our place.  I would recommend to anyone trying to upgrade a room in their home with a piece of custom artwork to have Jon design and build something for them."     

Ryan Bellomy -  Dallas, TX




"The two best pieces overall- and, incidentally, both of which look as though they took ten years to make- are untitled sculptures: An angular riot of steel, rebar, cables, chains, gears, and more, set on a concrete base, Sanders' piece, at its most innocent, looks like an Orwellian sewing machine. In place of a needle, however, there is what appears to be a gas pump - the whole thing, like the best art, merely suggests functionality. From the narrow side, the monstrosity resembles some sort of dystopian-gothic cathedral , like a Leger but in 3-D , and in black and white. Viewed full on, Sanders' grimy "Untitled" is as inert and clamorous as a lingering bad memory."

-Fort Worth Weekly
Anthony Mariani 
January 14,  2009
“Dimensions: Constructed Exploration & The Painted Print” Arts Review. “Jonathan Sanders’ wife calls him “a hoarder of random objects.” If that statement is true, then Sanders has impeccable taste in weathered pipes and tree branches, which make their way into his sculptures. Fusing found items such as railroad spikes, insect-devoured wood, and corroded pipes to concrete, steel, and resin, Sanders constructs pieces with modern, architectural lines…
Tracie Chan
February 3, 2012


 San Diego, CA - July 29, 1977
- Currently living & working in Spicewood, TX


San Diego State University 2006
Bachelor of Arts- Emphasis in Sculpture

Professional Sculptor's assistant,  January 2006 - December 2006
   - San Diego sculptor Christopher Lee


SDSU Sculpture Foundry and Weld-shop Volunteer,  2002 - 2006 

Professional Sculptor's Assistant,  January 2006 - December 2006

-San Diego sculptor Christopher Lee

Gallery installer / exhibition set-up
-Christopher Lee- solo exhibition,  March 2006
San Diego, CA   - David Zapf Gallery

Gallery installer / exhibition set-up
-Bunde Ekyn Mindaphone,  May 2006
SDSU advanced sculpture class exhibition
San Diego, CA   -private home

Gallery installer / exhibition set-up
-Advanced sculpture grad exhibition,  January 2007
San Diego, CA   -private home

Neiman Marcus Annual Holiday Tree Build 
-Christmas tree sculpture assistant,  Winter 2008
Dallas, TX   - Neiman Marcus

La Reunion 2nd Annual Tree Event
-Decaying art tree collaborative,  February 2009
Oak Cliff, TX

Gallery installer / exhibition set up
-Group art show,  April 2009
Dallas, TX   - Rorschach Gallery

Gallery installer / exhibition set up
-“Dimensions: Constructed Exploration & the Painted Print”
Jonathan Sanders & David Lujan -two person show,  February 2012
Austin, TX   - Gallery Black Lagoon

Gallery installer / exhibition set-up

-“In Space”  TSG:  All member exhibition,   March, 2014
Austin, TX   -Dougherty Art Center 
Gallery installer / exhibition set-up
-“Georgetown Public Library Sculpture Show” (9th annual),  June 2016
Georgetown, TX   -TSOS group show

Public art installer
-“City of Georgetown Sculpture Tour,”  November 2016 – November 2017
Georgetown, TX   -Main Street art install

Gallery installer / exhibition set-up
-Georgetown Public Library Sculpture Show (10th annual),  June 2017
Georgetown, TX   -TSOS group show


Public art installer
-Bee Cave Sculpture Park,  May 15th 2019 - present
Bee Cave, TX

Gallery installer / exhibition set-up
-HIVE:  Bee Caves Art Foundation,  November 2019
Bee Caves, TX   -Exhibition: Plein Air Austin and Texas Sculptors


--International Sculpture Center:  ISC--
Member since 2008 - present

--Texas Sculpture Group:  TSG--
Member since 2013 - present

--Texas Society of Sculptors:  TSOS--
Member since 2016 - present

--Bee Cave Arts Foundation--
Deby Childress     (512) 731-5868
Director - The Hive
Ashley Cobb     (760) 222-0799
President – Bee Cave Arts Foundation


Jonathan Sanders
Spicewood, TX 78669
(858) 602-2207

Please feel free to call from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and 10AM to 5PM on weekends. Thanks for visiting!

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